Anarchy in the UK

Nummer van Sex Pistols
Right! Now ha, ha I am an anti-Christ I am an anarchist Don't know what I want But I know how to get it I wanna destroy the passer by 'Cause I wanna be anarchy Ho dogs body Anarchy for the UK It's coming sometime and maybe I give a wrong time stop a traffic line Your future dream is a shopping scheme 'Cause I wanna be anarchy It's in the city How many ways to get what you want I use the best, I use the rest I use the NME I use anarchy 'Cause I wanna be anarchy It's the only way to be Is this the MPLA? Or is this the UDA? Or is this the IRA? I thought it was the UK Or just another country Another council tenancy I wanna be anarchy I wanna be an anarchist (Oh what a name) And I wanna be an anarchist (I get pissed, destroy)
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